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TOURS (Text in English only)

One Day Tours

Classical Granada and Masaya.
Full day tour 

This is one of the most complete and fascinating tours you can find. The tour starts in the morning, heading towards National Park Masaya Volcano where we will reach the active crater Santiago. 
Thereafter we will visit San Juan de Oriente and Pueblos Blancos (White Towns), picturesque villages where you will see lot of artwork and have the opportunity to observe the production in traditional art studios. On the way back we will stop at the View Point of Catarina and admire the excellent view over the Lagoon of Apoyo and other places of interest. 
Next stop is the Handicraft Market in Masaya where 90% of the art made in the country is to be found. 
The tour ends with a peaceful boat trip to the famous and pretty Islands of Granada, followed by a tour in the city itself. Here we will visit the principal buildings, monuments and museums in one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. 
This mix of destinations makes the tour one of the most complete and exciting to be found in Nicaragua.

Natural Reserve Mombacho Volcano and Canopy tour.
Full day tour 

This tour leaves early in the morning with the first stop at Mombacho Volcano and its magnificent cloud forest. There we will walk the trails and discover a great quantity of fauna and flora accompanied by the great view of Lake of Nicaragua and Zapatera, an Island of great archeological significance. 
Here we will also enjoy a unique experience in the canopy tour, gliding 600 meters between the treetops that form this cloud forest. On the 17 platforms with a height of 10 to 18 meters we can as well admire the wildlife and the vegetation in the forest. 
After the challenge of the canopy tour we will recharge our batteries, enjoying a delicious lunch in the surrounding nature.

Managua city tour
Full day tour 

The tour starts in the center of Managua, the city with the world's greatest amount of trees per square meter and situated by Xolotlan Lake. We will visit the principal attractions of this city of contrasts, such as the famous Malecon, the ruins of the Cathedral Santiago and The National Palace of Culture. Thereafter we will make a visit to the Museum of the footprints of Acahualinca, the most important archeological site in the country, which demonstrates 6000-year-old tracks, evidence of human presence in the region. 
Our final stop is "Mercado Huembes", one of the most colourful and hectic markets in Managua and a place where you will find a great quantity of artwork and paintings.

Classical León and the Archeological ruins of old León
Full day tour 

After picking up the participants of the tour we will drive to the ruins of old León at the bottom of the impressing Momotombo Volcano where the graves of some of the first Spanish conquerors are to be found. Here we will see the ruins and remains of one of the oldest cities of America, destroyed and buried by an eruption of Momotombo Volcano. 
Thereafter we will get to know the new city of León with well-preserved streets and buildings from the colonial era. Here we will visit places of great historical and cultural interest, such as: 
• The Cathedral of León 
• La Merced church 
• House and museum of Rubén Darío 
• Art Museum Fundación Ortiz Guardián

Natural Reserve La Flor and San Juan del Sur
Full day tour 

The tour will take you to a Natural Reserve on the pacific side, where you can watch the turtles nesting, during the season from November to January, on one of the most beautiful beaches of Nicaragua. 
Thereafter you will get to know San Juan del Sur, a picturesque fishing village, where we will have lunch and later on enjoy the beach and the turquoise water that makes the beach one of the most visited and known for its excellent environment. 

Half Day Tours

Masaya Volcano and The View Point of Catarina
Half-day tour 

In the National Park of Masaya Volcano it is possible to walk or drive close to the active crater Santiago in a safe and pleasant way. Here you can observe an active crater inhabited by birds that have adjusted to the gas produced by the volcano. You will also have the opportunity to see an old crater, which makes the tour an interesting experience. 
After this we will continue to the picturesque Pueblos Blancos (White Towns) and the View Point of Catarina from where you will have a great view of the Lagoon of Apoyo and its exuberant beauty, as well as a scenic panorama of Lake of Nicaragua and the city of Granada. At the View Point of Catarina, we will be served a traditional meal while enjoying the mentioned attractions. 

City tour of Granada and the Islands of Granada
Half-day tour 

The tour will take you to the principal buildings and places of interest in the colonial city of Granada, founded in 1522, but existing long before that and considered the oldest city in Central America. 
Thereafter we will make a boat trip to the Islands of Granada, situated in Lake of Nicaragua, a great place to watch birds and get a great view of Mombacho Volcano, covered by an impressive cloud forest. 
This tour can be made in horse drawn carriages, which definitely takes us back to the colonial era