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Monteverde / Arenal, 3 days - 2 nights

This tour makes it easy for you to experience two of the most exciting destinations in Costa Rica.  Adventure is waiting for you after your arrival in Monteverde, the “Skywalk”, a combination of 6 suspension bridges and platforms built in the cloud forest will allow you to explore the forest canopy in a safe and easy way from above up to the height of 138 feet. “Skywalk” will give you the opportunity to see the forest from a different perspective which starts with a 1,5 mile walk on the ground through the forest and takes you up to explore the trees’ tops.

After the Skywalk comes The Original Canopy Tour. This tour offers to all the adventure fans the thrilling opportunity of going into the deep forest and reaches incredible heights on the tree tops. A quiet night awaits you in your idyllic hotel. The cloud forest of Monteverde has a humidity of almost 100% throughout the year. The humid winds coming from north-east from the Atlantic Ocean condense and enwrap the forest in a mellow mist. Vegetation is the attraction and still the Quetzal, “god’s bird“ is living in these forests and many other animals. Colibris are also plentiful.

The area is easily accessible by marked hiking trails. In the evening you are going to stay in a very comfortable hotel, the Cloud Forest Lodge (or similar) where you can enjoy being close to nature. The next day a car, boat and car ride will take you to Fortuna, close to Arenal Volcano. You cross the Arenal lake, the biggest artificial lake in Central America which is used for the production of electricity. The size and beauty are impressive. 

At the Baldi Hotsprings you have time for a bath in the hot mineral water rivers and pools heated by the volcano. Later dinner will be available. After sunset you can see the eruptions of the volcano, glowing rocks and lava being catapulted from the volcano, you can feel the vibrations of the ground and hear the distant rumbling. However there is no guarantee that the night will be cloudless. In the evening the tour bus will drop you off in one of the most beautiful hotels in La Fortuna to spend your night at Arenal Volcano Inn (or similar) enjoying the Arenal at night. The next day transfer to San Jose.



  Monteverde / Arenal, 3 days – 2 nights
Price per person in double room: US$ 349
Price for one person in single  room: US$ 370
Includes: Transportation from San José to Monteverde, from Monteverde to Arenal, Skywalk and Canopy in Monteverde, accommodation in Monteverde and Arenal, dinner in Fortuna and transport back to San Jose. Hotels include breakfast.
Trip duration: 3 days and 2 nights.


Costa Rica & Nicaragua - Two countries – 8 days and 7 nights

The perfect extension for your Costa Rica vacation! Just when you arrive to Costa Rica or just before you leave. No worries, no hassle; in just a few hours you are in another country, which is so different from Costa Rica and so beautiful. 

Discover the colonial heritage of Christopher Columbus and find out that Nicaragua has so much to offer. Nicaragua is the new hot spot in Central America. 

Only $436 per person; 
(double in low season).              


Visit one of the most
beautiful places in the world:

Punta Marenco Eco Lodge in Corcovado, Osa. Rustic accommodation at the heart of nature. No civilization noise will distract you from a unique experience. 
Walk around the beaches and the Nature Reserve next to Corcovado National Park. See an amazing wildlife in an untouched tropical forest.


Ocean view from your room, private bath, all meals included.

Unforgettable memories will be guaranteed at very reasonable rates.