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General Information 
  • Official name: República de Nicaragua (Republic of Nicaragua) 
  • Area: 130.668 Km². 
  • Nicaragua is the largest Central American country. (aprox. 50.000 square miles). 
  • 9.240 Km² of the Nicaraguan land is covered by fresh water lakes and crateric lagoons. 
  • 8.000 Km² of this area belongs to the Lake of Nicaragua and 1.000 Km² to the Lake of Managua.
  • Population: 5,2 million inhabitants (est. 2003); density per sq mile: 103 
  • Language: Spanish (official), English (in the Caribbean zone), Miskito and other Amerindian languages are also spoken. 
  • Religion: Roman Catholics 85% ; Evangelics, Protestants and others 15% 
  • Government: Democratic Republic 
  • President: Daniel Ortega since 2007) 
  • Capital: City of Managua (The country's most important trading center.) 
  • Currency: Cordoba, US$1.00 = $ 18,50 (July 2007) 
    Sometimes the people calls the currency Peso instead of Cordobas. 
  • Time: Nicaragua shares the American Central time (6h behind GMT). 
    There is no daylight-saving time in Nicaragua.

Costa Rica & Nicaragua - Two countries – 8 days and 7 nights

The perfect extension for your Costa Rica vacation! Just when you arrive to Costa Rica or just before you leave. No worries, no hassle; in just a few hours you are in another country, which is so different from Costa Rica and so beautiful. 

Discover the colonial heritage of Christopher Columbus and find out that Nicaragua has so much to offer. Nicaragua is the new hot spot in Central America. 

Only $436 per person; 
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