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Click to visit Hotel Kekoldi, Nicaragua

Click to visit Hotel Kekoldi, Costa Rica

There are many reasons why this peaceful small country in Central America is an ideal destination for your vacation. Below please find just a few.
Active volcanoes, pristine beaches and mystic rainforests – exuberant nature on smallest territory Costa Rica’s exuberant nature can only be described by superlatives. Between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean the traveler will find active and sleeping volcanoes, cloud forests and rain forests, tropical dry forests as well as coffee plantations, bananas and sugar cane.

Unspoiled, pristine beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic coast invite the traveler to relax in a true tropical setting surrounded by colorful birds, monkeys and lush green vegetation. More than 25% of Costa Rica’s territories are protected as easily accessible Conservation Areas and National Parks since the early 1970’s. Due to its function as a land bridge between North and South America, Costa Rica hosts more than 5% of the species, flora and fauna, of our planet.

Easy and safe to explore – highly developed infrastructure National parks and protected areas are easily accessible by all means of transportation. 

Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies in Latin America and declared as politically neutral, without standing army since 1948, it is also economically one of the most stable countries in the region. Health care, social and educational system can easily compete with those of industrialized nations. 

The English language is a mandatory subject at school. Many international airlines such as Continental, American, United and Delta Airlines as well as Iberia, KLM and Taca offer daily connections from the United States, Europe and South America. 


Costa Rica & Nicaragua - Two countries – 8 days and 7 nights

The perfect extension for your Costa Rica vacation! Just when you arrive to Costa Rica or just before you leave. No worries, no hassle; in just a few hours you are in another country, which is so different from Costa Rica and so beautiful. 

Discover the colonial heritage of Christopher Columbus and find out that Nicaragua has so much to offer. Nicaragua is the new hot spot in Central America. 

Only $436 per person; 
(double in low season).              


Visit one of the most
beautiful places in the world:

Punta Marenco Eco Lodge in Corcovado, Osa. Rustic accommodation at the heart of nature. No civilization noise will distract you from a unique experience. 
Walk around the beaches and the Nature Reserve next to Corcovado National Park. See an amazing wildlife in an untouched tropical forest.


Ocean view from your room, private bath, all meals included.

Unforgettable memories will be guaranteed at very reasonable rates.